EdenPURE Heating Element Long Bulb A3821/RP


Replacement Long Element/Bulb A3821/RP.  This Infrared Quartz Element/ Heating Tube is a 20,000 Hour bulb.


Replacement EdenPURE Long heating element A3821/RP which fit many EdenPure and SunTwin Heaters.  This Infrared Quartz Element / Heating Tube is rated for 20,000 Hours.

There are 5 short bulbs A3823/RP and 1 long bulb A3821/RP inside each 1500W heater

This bulb is approximately 9″ in length, not including the red wires

Compatible Models:

  • EdenPURE 1000 XL
  • EdenPURE GEN3 A3705
  • EdenPURE GEN3 A4136
  • EdenPURE GEN3 A4136/RTL
  • SunTwin 1500 ELITE
  • SunTwin Gen3

Compatible model numbers:

  • 1000 XL
  • A3705
  • A4136
  • A4136/RTL
  • 1500 ELITE
  • STW GEN 3

How to Install Replacement EdenPURE Heating Elements

We have no affiliation with the author of the linked video, but it does a good job of walking you through the bulb replacement process.


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