EdenPURE Heating Elements Full set of 6 Replacement Bulbs


This is a full set of replacement consists of 5 short bulbs A3823/RP and 1 long bulb A3821/RP.  These Infrared Quartz Elements / Heating Tubes are 20,000 Hour bulbs.


This is a full set of replacement EdenPURE heating elements that fit many EdenPure and SunTwin Heaters.

These Infrared Quartz Elements have a 20,000 hour rating.  They are an upgrade to the original heating tubes. The kit includes 5 short bulbs A3823/RP and 1 long bulb A3821/RP.

The long element can be hidden after exposing the other heating elements. Please follow the red wire to the front of the unit and remove the metal bracket covering it.

Compatible Models:

  • EdenPURE 1000 XL
  • EdenPURE GEN3 A3705
  • EdenPURE GEN3 A4136
  • EdenPURE GEN3 A4136/RTL
  • SunTwin 1500 ELITE
  • SunTwin Gen3

Compatible model numbers:

  • 1000 XL
  • A3705
  • A4136
  • A4136/RTL
  • 1500 ELITE
  • STW GEN 3

How to Install Replacement EdenPURE Heating Elements

We have no affiliation with the author of the linked video, but it does a good job of walking you through the bulb replacement process.


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